Emergency Fundraiser to Geld 19 Wicomico Stallions

Wicomico appaloosas after a few weeks of feeding and proper careURGENT: Maryland Fund For Horses is partnering with University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center on May 1 (yes, that is ONE WEEK from today) to GELD 19-20 STALLIONS from the Wicomico County horse seizure a few weeks ago. Supporting this kind of emergency effort is central to our mission of promoting equine welfare in MD.
The castrations will be performed at a private farm by three surgical teams. THE NET COST AFTER NEW BOLTON CENTER’S CONTRIBUTION WILL BE APPROXIMATELY $3,000. The stallions range in age from 4 to 18 years old, and many are largely unhandled, which makes caring for them very challenging. They still need care and training, but gelding is an important step toward giving them a new life. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM! WE NEED TO RAISE $3,000 BY MAY 1. We can do it with your help. Donate HERE or mail a check today to MD Fund for Horses and mark it “Wicomico Stallions”. Thank you for your support!


The Board of Maryland Fund For Horses