About Us

Thank you for your interest in Maryland Fund For Horses…

“MFFH” is a 501(c)(3) public charity headquartered in Maryland. We focus on identifying issues with equine welfare in our state, envisioning innovative solutions, and implementing those solutions through cooperation and collaboration with the equine community.

horses in paddock

What we do…


MFFH provides services and funds for at-risk horses *before* they become victims of neglect. We call these “safety net” programs. Safety net programs allow horses to stay in their homes with appropriate care when their owners encounter temporary difficulties like a job loss, illness or incapacity of the horses’ caregiver, or loss of safe horse housing, to name a few examples.

Sometimes, responsible horse owners hit a “rough patch” and don’t know who to call or where to go for help. When they reach out to us, MFFH offers these services:

  • Helpful advice,
  • Financial aid rebates for health care,
  • “gelding” vouchers,
  • Hay vouchers
  • Referrals and coordination with other organizations providing low-cost services and re-homing/transition assistance


MFFH publishes “Safe & Sound: A Resource Guide for New and Prospective Horse Owners,” (PDF, 1MB) a directory of resources available online, in Maryland libraries¬†and in the community to help new horse owners implement best practices and understand minimum standards of care for equines.

Our Mission:

  • Promote the health, safety and welfare of equines in Maryland;
  • Educate equine owners and care takers about issues affecting equine care and management;
  • Educate landowners where equines are kept about issues affecting farm management and stewardship of the land;
  • Promote collaboration within the equine industry for the benefit of equines in Maryland;
  • Improve the lives of Maryland’s equines by providing education and outreach to the general public about responsible equine ownership and equine welfare issues;